Resource Center

Whether you are new to Benefit Resource or have had an account for a while, the Resource Center is designed to: 

  • Help you gain a better understanding of tax-free benefit accounts.
  • Provide decision-making resources during enrollment.
  • Allow you to maximize the use of your accounts.

If you don't find what you are looking for, please contact Participant Services. 

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Key Resources 

  • Beniversal® Prepaid MasterCard®: Your benefits card providing convenient access to account funds at qualified merchants accepting Debit MasterCard.  
  • BRiEducation: BRiEducation is an internet-enabled educational site optimized for use with any mobile device. On-the-go education with videos, brief facts, dynamic FAQs, calculator tools and mobile enrollment (when offered by your employer). 
  • BRiMobile App: On-the-go account app with access to view balances, access detailed transaction information, submit claims and upload receipts.  
  • BRiWeb: Secure website for participants to manage their accounts and access resources.
  • BRiAlerts: You are now able to receive real-time alerts by text message or email regarding your accounts with Benefit Resource, Inc. Note: Standard text messaging rates from your wireless service provider may apply.
  • Calculators: Calculation tools for determining your savings or estimate your election amounts. 
  • Eligible Expenses / Merchants: Resources to clarify where accounts can be used and what expenses are eligible.
  • Merchant Partners: List of merchants providing eligible products and services, often with discounts and savings available.  
  • Quick Balance: Resource for quick access to balance information from any phone or web connection.