Beniversal Card

The all-in-one card solution for tax-free benefit accounts

The Beniversal® Prepaid MasterCard® technology allows participants to access their tax-free benefit accounts from a single card, including: Medical Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) and/or Commuter Benefit Plan (CBP) funds for eligible expenses. With just a swipe of the Beniversal Card at a qualified merchant, necessary funds for the transaction are deducted from the applicable account. No waiting for reimbursement checks.

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Using Beniversal for Health Care Services and Expenses

The Beniversal Card can be used at qualified merchants who accept Debit MasterCard. For a Medical FSA and HRA, these merchants include:

What is an IIAS merchant?

An IIAS merchant has an Inventory Information Approval System (IIAS) that can automatically identify eligible medical expenses. Click here for a list of IIAS merchants.

What is a 90% merchant?

A 90% merchant has registered with a national organization, certifying that 90% or more of its revenue is from the sale of eligible medical items. Click here for a list of 90% merchants.

Do receipts need to be submitted when the Beniversal Card is used?

Participants should always keep receipts! The IRS requires administrators to ensure that 100% of funds are used for eligible medical expenses. Benefit Resource has developed sophisticated technology and procedures to determine if a transaction is eligible. In the event that we cannot determine with certainty that the expense is eligible, we will directly contact the participant asking for further documentation.

Using Beniversal for Mass Transit and Parking Expenses

When participants utilize the multiple account technology of the Beniversal Card, they have instant access to mass transit and parking funds at approved merchants accepting Debit MasterCard. The Beniversal Card provides flexible payment options. Here are a few ways to leverage the card.

Pay at point-of-service The Beniversal Card can be used directly at approved merchants providing mass transit and parking services.
Pay based on a bill or invoice If a participant receives a bill or invoice for parking services and the approved provider accepts Debit MasterCard, the participant can provide the Beniversal Card number to initiate payment.
Link the Beniversal Card to a reloadable mass transit card If a participant utilizes a reloadable mass transit card, the Beniversal Card can be linked to the reloadable card as the funding source.

The Benefits of a MasterCard Alliance - ACCESS, SPEED, CONFIDENCE

Our alliance with MasterCard International Incorporated assures broad acceptance among approved service providers and speeds the transfer of funds from cardholders to service providers. It gives participants easy card access to multiple tax-free accounts and adds yet another level of security—cardholders are protected from unauthorized purchase if their card is ever lost or stolen. Conditions and exceptions apply - see Cardholder Agreement.