5 reasons you should follow BRI on LinkedIn

Follow BRI on LinkedIn

We know you work hard every day to bring the best benefits to your employees. Here are five things that can help you do that and more when you follow BRI on LinkedIn.

1. Learn about new tools for your employees

Lack of employee understanding is one of the greatest barriers to increasing adoption.

When you follow BRI on LinkedIn, you learn about tools like the Commuter Resource Center and mobile scanner for eligible items. These give your employees transparent and tailored information about the benefits you are providing.

2. Save your spot for the next webinar 

Keeping up with benefits can be a bit like herding cats, especially when there are changes taking place on a national scale.

Remember the Tax Cut and Jobs Act from 2018? Yeah, us too. There were also recent changes to Health Reimbursement Accounts, with two new account types introduced.

We have webinars on all matter of benefits items so you don’t have to chase down information.

Remember that time you signed up for that webinar and then you couldn’t go?

It happens. All the time, in fact. We know you’re busy (being an HR super hero). That’s why we put all of our webinars up online after they happen so you can access them on demand any time.

3. Access free resources to increase employee buy-in

You work really hard on providing the best benefits to your employees. We want to help you help them know what you’re offering.

That’s why we develop four ebooks every year to help you increase employee buy-in on your benefits.

From driving HSA adoption to understanding the benefits employees struggle with most, (and what you can do about it), we make sure you to have access to great resources year-round.

4. Receive fresh industry updates and best practices articles

Ordinances, reform, and AI, oh my!

There’s so much to keep track of in the benefits world. Whether it’s knowing when a transit ordinance will take effect in your city, understanding the latest tax reform, or staying up to date with benefits trends (AI, anyone?), it’s important for you to know what’s going on.

and we publish new content every week on everything from plan design to best practices for communicating during Open Enrollment. It’s all here on our blog page.

5. Get discounts on trade shows 

While we love the perks of trade shows (#swag) there’s more to conferences than that.

For one, it can be expensive to attend. When you follow BRI on LinkedIn, you get early access to discounts codes for trade shows registration. We’ll be posting the first ones soon, so be sure to check back.

You can get started today when you follow BRI on LinkedIn.