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The demand for benefits with flexibility and choice is growing rapidly. When you partner with us, you'll have access to a variety of great benefits that work for you and your clients.

Education Resources
Educational Resources

Easy to use communication materials and educational resources to help boost participation rates.

Managing your HSA
Ease of Administration

Mobile apps and web based tools help your clients and participants manage accounts easily and quickly.

What makes BRI great?

BRI provides Six Core Differentiators to its clients and their employees.

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Beniversal Update

Monthly e-newsletter covering legislative issues, product features and important tips.

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Plan Design Support

Contact our pre-tax experts to create an ideal mix of services.

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FAQ Resources

Got questions? We have answers. Use our robust directory or ask your own.

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Dedicated Support Team

We believe client and participant support are the keys to satisfaction.

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Be Informed

Whether it’s the latest legislative news or a new feature offered by Benefit Resource, Inc. (BRI), we want to ensure our partners are in the know. Benefit Resource provides several communication and resource opportunities for its partners.

Be Rewarded

We want to recognize you for your contributions and efforts. Benefit Resource provides a variety of opportunities to receive rewards, recognition and revenue opportunities for its partners.  Please contact your regional sales representative or email us to discuss.

Be a Partner

Benefit Resource wants to ensure we are providing the products and services you and your clients need and want. We value the relationship you have with each client and will discuss strategies to help enhance both our relationship and yours. We will also periodically ask you for your feedback as we look to improve our product offering and services.

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