HSA Transition FAQ

This page is intended to answer any of your common questions as your Health Savings Account (HSA) custodial services are migrated from HSA Bank to UMB Bank. Benefit Resource (BRI) will continue to administer your account throughout the transfer. While your custodial services are changing, you will continue to access your accounts through the Beniversal Prepaid Mastercard and BRIWEB.

Why is my HSA Custodian changing?

We are committed to providing superior service and support for all of our product offerings. BRI has been working with UMB Bank as an HSA custodian service provider for more than five years. We have found UMB Bank to be a strong partner, committed to service excellence. Additionally, you will have access to additional account benefits through the transition:

Accessing My Account

How do I access my account?

The ways in which you can access your HSA will remain unchanged. You can access your account by:

  1. Logging in to BRIWEB online.
  2. Accessing your account on the BRiMobile app.
  3. Call (877) 342-0825. Provide your card number and CVV to hear your account balance.
How do I log into BRIWEB?

If you have already registered at BRIWEB, you will continue to use the same login to access your HSA.

Participants accessing the site for the first time will be required to register a Custom Login ID. On the BRIWEB Login page, select the blue “Register an Account” link. Follow the instructions provided.

The following are required during registration: 

  • Company Code: Provided by your employer
  • Member ID: Typically a 9-digit ID selected by the employer (i.e. SSN, payroll ID)
  • Personal Info: First name, last name, zip code
  • Access to email or phone number on file with Benefit Resource
Will I still be able to see my account history?
You will see the current and prior year activity associated with your account through BRIWEB. Your account history will show activity from both HSA Bank and UMB Bank.

Accessing Account Funds

How do I access my account funds?
You can continue to access HSA funds through your existing Beniversal Prepaid Mastercard. You WILL NOT NEED A NEW CARD. BRI will automatically update your existing card upon the completion of the transfer to utilize funds from your UMB Bank account.
Can I reimburse myself?

You will have the option to reimburse yourself through online transfers or by utilizing bill payment services. After the transfer is complete, simply log into BRIWEB, navigate to Health Savings and select “Manage my HSA”.

Will I receive a new Beniversal Card?
No. You will continue to use the same Beniversal Card. BRI will automatically update your existing card upon the completion of the transfer to utilize funds from your UMB Bank account.
How do I add my Beniversal Card to my digital wallet?

A digital wallet is a third-party including Google Pay, Samsung Pay, or Apple Pay that allows you to add debit and credit cards as payment methods that are accessed via your phone. To add your Beniversal Card to a digital wallet, you must first have the digital wallet installed. Once you have installed the digital wallet, you can follow the instructions below to add your Beniversal Card as a payment method.

Please note: In order to complete registration, the mobile phone number associated with your digital wallet must be on file with BRI.

Account Changes

Is my account number changing?
Yes. Your account number and routing number will be changing. If you have any automatic payments established with your routing number and account number, please be sure to update them with the new UMB information.
Will my Designation of Beneficiary need to be updated?
Yes. Please complete the Designation of Beneficiary Form through UMB Bank.

Transferring funds and investments

What will happen if I do not approve the transfer of funds from HSA Bank to UMB Bank?
HSAs are individually-owned and require your approval to move the funds. In order to be included in the bulk transfer associated with your employer-sponsored account, you must complete the HSA Transfer Authorization Request by July 31, 2021. If you do not complete the HSA Transfer Authorization Request by July 31, 2021, your account will be converted from an employer-sponsored plan to an individual HSA.  As an individual HSA, HSA Bank will assume direct administration of your account and you will be responsible for all fees associated with the account.
What will happen to investments upon transfer?
If you authorize the transfer of funds from HSA Bank to UMB Bank, your investments will be liquidated and transferred to UMB Bank.
Will funds automatically invest through UMB Bank?
If you are interested in investing HSA funds, you will need to establish an investment account with UMB Bank and make your initial investment selections. Once established, you have the option to setting up auto-investment strategies.