As a result of client feedback, and our efforts toward continuous improvement, BRI has added a File Import Wizard on BRIWEB.  This wizard will streamline the file uploading processes, facilitate faster funding and eliminate risks to data integrity that result from manual file handling.  It will be made available to all clients who use the Secure File Upload functionality to send files to BRI.  With our first release, you’ll use the wizard for the following file types:

  • Demographic changes
  • Deduction/funding
  • Election changes
  • New/open enrollment
  • Termination notices

As we enable additional file types in the future, we will notify you on the notices bar in BRIWEB.

How It Works

Proceed through the slideshow to get a high-level overview, or download a PDF of the content here


Expand the sections below.

NOTE: Files which follow the same format and headers in our file standards will be automatically recognized. If your file uses a different format, you will be prompted to map the file on the initial import. Review the standards by downloading the files linked below:

Need Help?

Please reach out to your Client Service Specialist if you have any questions or need assistance.