Lifestyle/Specialty Accounts

A Specialty Account, also known as a Lifestyle or Wellness Account, allows employers to assist employees in paying for specific expenses. These are typically taxable benefits. Employers choose what the plan can reimburse and set limits regarding eligibility, funding, and maximum spend per plan participant.

Get creative with your benefits

Specialty Accounts (also known as Lifestyle Accounts) allow you to assist employees in paying for specific expenses with a carded or non-carded program. Their flexibility allows you put together a benefits plan that addresses the unique needs of your company and its employees—regardless of where they are in life.

We can help adjudicate claims and approve purchase reimbursements, reducing the complexity of managing the program to give you a hassle-free solution and peace of mind. 

Plan Design Options:

  • Wellness and Fitness (equipment, gym memberships, fitness app subscriptions, mental health support, etc.)
  • Education (college tuition/student loans, learning subscriptions, certifications, K-12 private school tuition, Pre-K, etc.)
  • Special Transportation (not covered under a Commuter Benefit Plan like taxis, tolls, gas, ridesharing apps, etc.)
  • Bicycle Commute (bikes, bike share programs, etc.)
  • Pet Benefits and Supplies (pet supply stores, vet services, etc.)
  • Utilities (phone, internet, electricity/gas, etc.)
  • Home Office Supplies (desks, chairs, computers/equipment, etc.)
  • Personal Services (cleaning and laundry services, salons and barber shops, home repairs, etc.)
  • Entertainment (theatres, event tickets, amusement parks, dance halls, arcades, aquariums, digital goods, etc.)

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Download our Select Services Programs Overview if you’re looking to provide expanded coverage for select services due to environmental, social, or regulatory factors.

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