HRA Voluntary Employee Benefit Account (VEBA)

An HRA VEBA lets employees use tax-free dollars to manage healthcare costs for themselves and their dependents. In addition to a versatile plan design and compatibility with other tax-free plans, an HRA VEBA can save employees up to 30% on eligible items like deductibles, co-pays and prescriptions while they work and even once they retire.

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An HRA Voluntary Employee Benefit (VEBA) Account gives you the power to provide employees with the right savings at the right time. With diverse plan design options, a VEBA Account from BRI is the perfect solution for employers interested in protecting employees from rising costs while controlling their own expenses.

What comes with an HRA VEBA?

  • Single multi-account platform integrated with FSA and transit (card access 
  • Robust investment options, open architecture and ability to match funds to retirement plan 
  • Investment advisory services through ERISA 3(38)
  • Ability to match funds to a retirement plan

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What Can an HRA VEBA Do For You?

Why an HRA VEBA?

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