Beniversal & eTrac Cards

The Beniversal®  and eTrac® Prepaid Mastercard® utilize merchant, terminal, and card payment rules to create a simple and convenient payment experience that allow participants to conveniently access account funds.

Beniversal Card

Activate Your Card

Your card(s) will arrive in a plain white envelope. Once received, you’re on your way in just three steps: 

Step 1: Sign

1. Sign Your Card(s).

Additional cards can be signed and used by an eligible spouse or dependent depending on your plan.

Step 2: Activate

2. Activate your card.

Call the toll-free automated number on the activation sticker or activate it through BRIWEB.

Step 3: Spend

3. Spend Account Funds.

Wait until the effective date of your plan to use your card.

Setting up a PIN: To receive a PIN for DEBIT card transactions, please call (855) 247-0198. Alternatively, you can select “CREDIT” to sign for a purchase.

spend funds

Review the content in the tabs below to learn how you can use your card on expenses that are eligible under the plan(s) that you are enrolled in. For more information on what expenses are eligible under pre-tax benefit plans, visit our Eligible Expenses Page.

The Beniversal Card can be used at qualified merchants for expenses eligible under your plan. For a Medical FSA, HSA or HRA, these merchants include:

  • Doctors, hospitals, medical labs
  • Dental and vision centers
  • Medical supply stores (in-person and online)
  • Chiropractors and acupuncture facilities
  • Pharmacies
  • IIAS merchants
  • 90% merchants

Participants have instant access to Commuter funds at approved merchants. Here are some ways to use the card:

  • Pay at the point-of-service: The Beniversal Card can be used directly at approved merchants providing mass transit and parking services.
  • Pay based on a bill or invoice: Participants can use their Beniversal Card to initiate payment if they receive a bill or invoice for parking services.
  • Link to a reloadable mass transit card: If a participant utilizes a reloadable mass transit card, the Beniversal Card can be linked to it as the funding source.
  • Connect to your preferred digital wallet: Add your card to Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay to tap-and-go at contactless terminals (e.g., MTA OMNY terminals). 

Employers can choose to make Dependent Care FSA expenses available on the Beniversal Card. Check your Plan Documents before making a purchase to verify if you can use your Beniversal Card for Dependent Care expenses. 


Some key things to know:

  • Pre-payments for Dependent Care using the Beniversal Card are not eligible per IRS guidelines.
  • Providers must have a Merchant Category Code for “aftercare” or transactions may decline and you will have to pay for the expense with another payment method. 

Employers can choose to make Specialty Reimbursement Account expenses available on the Beniversal Card. Check your Plan Documents before making a purchase to verify if you can use your Beniversal Card and to determine what expenses are eligible under your plan. 

Note that providers must have a Merchant Category Code related to expenses eligible under your plan or transactions may decline.

View plan-specific card FAQs: 

Spend your funds wisely by knowing your balance

There are four easy ways to check your balance: (1) BRIWEB, (2) the BRIMOBILE app, (3) by signing up for account balance alerts, and (4) by calling the automated QuickBalance line. 

Substantiate your transactions

Always Keep Your Receipts

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires all FSA/HRA purchases be substantiated as valid transactions. BRI automatically substantiates about 90% of card transactions. When we can’t substantiate automatically, we will ask you to submit a receipt to verify the purchase meets IRS requirements. Dental and vision service transactions are the most likely to require receipts.


Supporting documents you submit must include: the provider name, type of service, date of service, and cost of service.

Option 1: Submit Receipts through BRIWEB

How to Submit:

Visit BRIWEB to upload receipt(s), submit a substitute claim, or repay the expense.
Login Now

option 2: Submit Receipts through BRIMOBILE

How to Submit:

Respond to the alert provided by the app or submit a receipt proactively.
Download App

Option 3: Submit Receipts through Mail

How to Submit:

Download the Claim Form and mail it to the address stated on the form.
Download Form


You will be sent up to 4 notices by BRI (via mail and/or email based on your notification preference) detailing the transaction that requires additional documentation. If you fail to respond after the final notice, your card will be suspended. Additionally, the expense will be considered an overpayment by the IRS, which will be included as taxable income on your next W-2 at the close of the plan year.

Additional Card Features

Tap-and-go with your digital wallet

Adding your Beniversal Card to Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, or Samsung Pay® offers you a convenient and efficient way to pay for pre-tax healthcare and commuter benefit expenses at contactless registers and payment turnstiles (i.e., MTA’s OMNY terminals). This seamless integration enables quick and secure transactions, ensuring that eligible expenses are paid directly from your pre-tax benefit accounts.

Note that due to outdated tap-to-pay technology affecting chip cards and digital wallets, acceptance of digital wallets varies widely and can be different from merchant location to location. However, users can continue to access account funds through their physical card if digital wallets are not accepted.

Apple Pay is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC. Samsung Pay is a registered trademark of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
beniversal card digital wallets


This FREE service, available to all Beniversal Cardholders, scours the Internet for credentials and provides end-to-end, white-glove resolution services to restore consumer identities. 

Identify Theft Alerts

Alerts individuals of possible compromise of personal credit or debit card, health/vision/dental ID numbers, SSN, driver’s license, passport, bank account numbers, email addresses, and other personal information.

Lost Wallet Restoration

Identifies and cancels all lost cards and documents, contacts document issuers, completes required forms, and Initiates fraud affidavit and police reports for stolen wallets.

Identity Restoration

Experts guide individuals through the process of notifying the major credit reporting agencies, cancelling and replacing cards, and assisting with paperwork to alert various parties of potential fraud.

To get started, click the button below and enter the first 6 digits of your Beniversal Card. Then, just determine what information, cards, and accounts you want monitored.


HealthLock is a service offered by Mastercard that helps protect cardholders’ medical data and monitors their medical claims for errors, fraud, and overbilling. HealthLock offers three plan levels:

  • Guard against medical fraud and privacy intrusions by monitoring medical data breaches
  • Providing alerts
  • Help remediate medical fraud issues
  • Organize and track healthcare bills in one place
  • Verify that all bills are accurate
  • Identify overcharges and insurance errors
  • Includes all services in Medical Claim Monitor
  • Provide access to medical bill negotiation with providers and insurance companies to reduce bills and reverse claim rejections
  • Includes all services in Medical Claim Monitor and Auditor

BRI Beniversal cardholders can have access to HealthLock’s Medical Claim Monitor FREE of charge. To receive the Medical Claim Auditor and/or Medical Claim Saver, an additional monthly fee* is required after the initial 90-day trial provided when you first sign up. A payment method is required in case the member decides to request bill negotiation services. 

*After the 90-day trial, cardholders continue to receive Medical Fraud Monitoring, Alerts, and Remediation at no charge. Users can opt-in to continue Medical Claim Auditor for $4.99/month, or Medical Claim Saver which includes all service features for $19.99/month (plus an additional 33% shared savings fee if savings are identified).

Never miss a single detail

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