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Are you ready for your next open enrollment period?

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1. Plan Setup

As you begin to think about your upcoming open enrollment period, it is a good time to take a look at your current plan design.

Questions to Consider

  • Will you be offering any new benefits? If you are considering offering a high deductible health plan, BRI can assist with account options such as Health Savings Accounts and Health Reimbursement Accounts.
  • Will you need to make changes to your existing benefit account programs? As you implement new options, you may need to make changes or plan document updates to your existing programs.

To make changes or discuss potential plan design options, contact us.

  • Have you scheduled re-enrollment yet? If you need to set up Web Open Enrollment, please reach out to your assigned specialist.

2. Communication

Communication and education are essential for a successful benefits plan. View the distinct options for communicating your plan below. Here’s an example of a rollout strategy that you can use.

Email Communications

Enrollment communication is easy and efficient with our online communication help. You can download ready-made email templates or allow BRI to do all the emailing for you. To download templates or request assistance with enrollment emails, please go here and follow the form and instructions.

Download a variety of resources

BRI provides a variety of resources to help communicate your plan offerings. Visit our Resource Center and use the filters in the ‘Employees’ tab to find the Open Enrollment materials that go with your benefit offerings.

3. Enrollment

Many employers will hold enrollment meetings or benefit fairs during open enrollment. If you are interested in having BRI attend meetings in person or through a web conference, please contact us to submit your request.

Please note: Attendance at enrollment meetings is not guaranteed. Final commitments will be made based on availability, size and location.