BRI is here to assist you with your upcoming annual re-enrollment for FSA and/or HRA plans.

Actions You May Need to Take

Initiate Upcoming Plan Changes
Submit the form to initiate upcoming plan changes to your Medical Flexible Spending Account (FSA) maximum and/or Medical FSA Rollover amount.  For all other plan changes, contact your BRI Client Services Specialist.

Schedule Web Enrollment for FSA
If you are using enrollment at BRIWEB for your FSA, please schedule your Open Enrollment period start and close dates.

Upload Files at BRIWEB
To upload your files for Open Enrollment at BRIWEB, download the file layout. We also have instructions on how to upload your file available.

EDI Enrollment File Feeds
If you are currently using a third party to send open enrollment files to BRI, please reference our helpful tips to ensure a smooth Open Enrollment experience.

Participant Communication
Benefit Resource provides a variety of materials to communicate your plan(s) including videos, FAQs, flyers, and more, including the FSA and HSA enrollment kits.

Deadlines & Timing

Your re-enrollment information should be received by BRI no later than 30 days prior to the beginning of your new Plan Year.

Please note: Beniversal Card creation and distribution for new participants may be delayed if re-enrollment information is not received by BRI according to this time frame.

Please contact your BRI Client Services Specialist with any questions that you may have regarding the re-enrollment process.

Visit the Resource Center

The BRI Resource Center contains materials that can be distributed to participants during Open Enrollment and throughout the year!