BRI Alerts

Ever wonder if a transaction is approved? Want to know how your balance is affected?
We’ve got your covered.


Receive real-time alerts by text* message or email regarding your accounts with BRI.

Types of Alerts

  • Card Purchases and Denials
    Receive alerts as transactions occur. Medical FSA and HRA transactions are verified instantly to inform you when a receipt may be needed. While the receipt is still in hand, upload it through the BRIMOBILE app and forget about it.
  • Claim Reimbursement Notifications 
    Get notified with an email or text once your claim has been processed. No more guessing about when your reimbursement will be paid out!
  • Deposits
    Know exactly when deposits post to your accounts, along with the updated balance amount.
  • Potential Duplicate Transaction Notices
    Don’t let duplicate transactions go unnoticed. Protect your account funds and receive an alert any time a duplicate transaction is suspected.
  • Monthly Balance Reminders
    Receive a monthly reminder of your current account balance(s).

How to Sign up for BRIAlerts

Simply log into BRIWEB or go the BRIMOBILE App and select the Notifications option. You will have the option to verify or provide an email address and/or mobile number and select the types of alerts you would like to receive.

For questions, contact Participant Services:

There is no fee for this service from BRI. However, standard text rates may apply. Please consult your mobile carrier for any charges.