Bridging the Gap: What your Employees Know and Actions You Can Take

Bridging the Gap; What your employees Know and Action You can Take to Boost Pre-tax Benefit Satisfaction. Register for Webinar

Employees know far less about their pre-tax benefit accounts than one might hope. In The Knowledge Gap eBook, we presented the results from the 2017 BRight Ideas Contest. Over 8,000 eligible employees tested their knowledge on pre-tax benefit accounts. In many ways, the results suggest the Knowledge Gap regarding pre-tax benefit accounts is shrinking. However, there continue to be several misconceptions that are likely affecting employee’s buy-in and use of pre-tax deductions.

Where do employees stand regarding pre-tax benefit accounts?

At a fundamental level, employees understand there is value in participating in pre-tax benefit accounts. Unfortunately, employees quickly get stumped on the specifics of how different pre-tax benefit accounts work. We will walk through some of the specifics employees misunderstand.

How can you bridge the pre-tax benefit account gap?

On June 13, 2018, we covered  Bridging the Gap: What Your Employees Know and Actions You Can Take. This webinar takes you through the knowledge gap and discusses strategies for bridging the gap. This 60-minute webinar covers:

    1. The Knowledge Gap: What do employees really understand about their pre-tax benefits?
    2. Employer Trends: What are employers doing and how can they bridge the gap?
    3. Account Use: How are participants using their pre-tax benefits?

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