BRI COBRA/Direct Bill Renewal Process Overview

COBRA/Direct Bill renewal process

The video below provides an overview of the COBRA/Direct Bill renewal process and intake forms that will be required for any COBRA, Continuation, or Direct Billing plans with BRI. Watch it to learn: How to submit the required information for Open Enrollment What to do if you don’t want BRI to administer Open Enrollment packets […]

Retiree billing– How employers can work smarter, not harder

retiree billing tips for employers

The coronavirus pandemic introduced many of us to new terminology, from furlough and continuation coverage to COBRA and direct billing. We’ve discussed COBRA and furlough in the past. Today we are going to take a closer look at direct billing. And more specifically, the retiree billing aspect of direct billing. What is direct billing? Direct […]

Do I need to offer COBRA to my furloughed employees?

furloughed employees

In uncertain times, we just want simple answers. COVID-19 has certainly brought uncertainty, we are still searching for those simple answers. These days, many of you are asking, “Do I need to offer COBRA to my furloughed employees?” Let’s see if we can offer a little more clarity (and hopefully some simplicity). What is a […]

What is the link between FMLA and Direct Billing?

How are FMLA and Direct Billing linked?

Human resource and benefits professionals have to be constantly on the top of their game. Navigating the acronyms of health benefits or the alphabet soup of pre-tax benefits is challenging enough on its own. That’s why many are turning to their administrators for support with streamlining their workload with FMLA and Direct Billing. What is […]

Navigating Direct Billing Services

direct billing services

Let’s face it, managing employee benefits is complicated and somehow it gets a little more complicated every year. You might be managing employee leave, a workforce with fluctuating hours, seasonal help and retiree benefits. What was once a basic reconciliation process, might now be a full-time job. How do you manage Direct Billing Services in […]