What will commuting after COVID-19 look like?

people on train commuting after covid-19

Many have started the process of commuting after COVID-19, leaving employees and employers alike wondering how the transition will unfold. During the change, certain trends have emerged including a focus on reducing contact with shared items.

Minimize contact with shared public surfaces

While the CDC has identified that surfaces pose less of a threat in terms of spreading the virus than originally thought, certain precautions are still encouraged. Among such precautions are good hand washing practices, avoiding touching the face, and reducing contact with shared surfaces.

For those who are commuting after COVID-19, this may pose a problem. Many people purchase their ticket at a kiosk that hundreds, if not thousands, of others interact with every day. And while periodic cleaning may occur, it’s may not be enough to remove the full threat.

So what can someone commuting after COVID-19 do?

Reduce exposure with a digital wallet

Focus on reducing contact with shared items  Some transit services have begun implementing steps to support this, including offering personal hand straps. Additionally, a contactless card or digital wallet can be a great way for commuters to reduce contact with shared surfaces.

What is a digital wallet?

Digital wallets include Samsung Pay®, Google Pay®, and Apple Pay®. People with a digital wallet can load multiple cards onto their phone as a payment method. This includes people who use the Beniversal® or eTRAC® Prepaid Mastercard from Benefit Resource.

The only prerequisite for using the card is to have an active mass transit benefit account with BRI. If you have the Beniversal or eTRAC card and would like to set it up for digital wallet payments, view our guide.

With a digital wallet, users can hold their phone over the contactless sign at a kiosk or register to pay and avoid contact all together. The option is flexible and convenient and more secure, as it doesn’t involve the sharing the card number.

To see what other benefits a digital wallet provides and where participants can take advantage of these new capabilities, check out our video.

*Only available to individuals enrolled in a tax free parking account with BRI

**Only available to employees enrolled in a tax free mass transit or parking account with BRI