Hall Pass (Episode 5): COVID-19 and Pre-Tax Accounts

Hall Pass (Episode 5): COVID-19 and Pre-Tax Accounts

In this week’s episode of Hall Pass, CEO Jason Hall discusses COVID-19 and pre-tax accounts with Client Services Manager Michelle Dean. Michelle provides guidance for employers on how to effectively manage their pre-tax benefits in wake of the pandemic.

Check out the video below:

COVID-19 and Pre-Tax Accounts

Question 1: What should employers be doing to help their participants during COVID-19?

Employers should encourage employees to take advantage of the money in their benefit accounts so that money is not left on the table.

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Question 2: What changes can assist participants in the preservation of their pre-tax funds?

Employers can change any plan’s run-out period. In addition, Extended Grace Periods can be added for Medical and Dependent Care FSAs. However, it’s important to keep in mind that if employers are changing from a $500 rollover to an Extended Grace Period, this may change when a participant is HSA-eligible in the next plan year.

Fortunately, a recent notice published by the IRS and Department of Labor works to assist in this manner. Check out our summary of the notice.

Question 3: What should employers be paying attention to regarding changes that have been made?

Employers should know the following items:

  • Dependent Care FSA Election Changes – Many participants in Dependent Care FSAs are likely making election changes due to COVID-19. However, Dependent Care FSA plans are subject to non-discrimination testing. Employers need to complete this testing before the end of the year so they can make adjustments if needed.
  • Commuter Election Changes – Employers should remind participants to change their elections if they are no longer commuting to work.
  • Autoposting and Reconciliation – If benefit plans are funded automatically based on participants’ election amounts, employers should reconcile the applicable deposits to make sure that they match payroll.
Question 4: What should employers know about employer-funded accounts (HRAs)?

If employers would like to make a change to their HRA regarding the amount or frequency of funding, they can reach out to their Client Services Specialist with any questions.