HRA VEBA Webinar: Series Recap


If you didn’t have a chance to attend our HRA VEBA Webinar Series, you’re in luck. We’ve highlighted the main topics so you can get information quickly in one place.

Session 1

In our first session, we explored four core topics:

  • What is an HRA VEBA?
  • What do you need to know about an HRA VEBA?
  • Where does an HRA VEBA fit into retirement and benefit strategies?
  • Five key questions to ask about an HRA VEBA

For an overview, keep reading!

What is an HRA VEBA?

If you’re an HRA VEBA novice (most people are) there are a few things you need to know about the account. Some basics include the two parts that make up the account, who the account is for, and what it can be used for.

So how do those two pieces, the HRA and the trust, impact how an HRA VEBA fits into retirement and benefit strategies? The short answer is that it has to do with managing medical expenses in retirement and that it plays nicely with Medicare.

Finally, the five key questions you should ask are considerations you will want to have top of mind when thinking about which administrative partner to choose for an HRA VEBA.

  • What are plan participant fees?
  • Is there a stable value guarantee?
  • How do participants access funds?
  • What investment opportunities exist?
  • How will the HRA VEBA interact with other benefits?

If you want the answers, watch the full first session of our HRA VEBA webinar here!

Session 2

This session was a deep dive into how to maximize the value of an HRA VEBA. We were joined by guest speaker Darcy Hitesman. Darcy is the founder of HitesmanLaw. She is a frequent speaker on employee benefits including ERISA, COBRA, FMLA and of course, HRA VEBAs. We were thrilled to have her with us for this session.

We explored funding options for an HRA VEBA and how the account compares to other health reimbursement accounts and health savings accounts. Attendees were also advised how to mitigate non-discrimination testing issues that might arise.

The session concluded with a look at how to select and maintain investments tied to HRA VEBAs and how HRA VEBAs interact with other pre-tax plans.

Watch Session 2 of our HRA VEBA webinar and download the digital guide for free.

HRA VEBA digital guide

*eligible expenses as defined in IRS Code Section 213(d)