Managing stress while working from home 


Managing stress can be stressful. With so many of us working from home, personal and professional pressures have a chance to comingle in one space.  Sometimes it feels like there’s just no escape!

Before you read this, feel free to stand up, maybe stretch with a few shoulder rolls, and grab some water.

Feeling refreshed?

Here are a few more ways you can take the pressure off and continue to zap stress:

Nature is the best medicine

Your stress can’t trigger if you’ve disconnected from everything!  Take refuge in nature.  Whether it’s taking a quick walk around the block or hitting the hiking trail for a few hours, make sure you put your phone on “Do Not Disturb” so you can enjoy being in the moment without distractions. 

In need of more than a small dose of nature?  Get immersed and go camping for a weekend.  Grab your sleeping bag and a s’mores kit and find a campground. 

 BRI Tip:  Use your FSA funds to grab your seasonal allergy meds so you can enjoy the outdoors without itchy, watery eyes and a congested nose. 

Pet the pooch

“Serve him tea, sit in the Master’s chair, pet the pooch!” 

Cogsworth in Beauty and the Beast may not be the epitome of “stress-free,” but he is undoubtedly familiar with the best ways to kick back and relax.  In particular, studies show that petting “pooches” reduces stress (take a look at this article from Johns Hopkins Medicine to see more ways pups can benefit your health). 

Adopting a canine friend might not be the right fit for you. Still, rescue organizations are always looking for volunteers to help foster, walk, transport, and help with intake so you can still get a weekly dose of furry frolicking without the full-time commitment. 

BRI Tip: Walking more than usual with your new four-legged friend?  Protect your feet and your posture with shoe inserts! 


Exercise gives you endorphins.  Endorphins make you happy.  Happy people just [manage their stress better]! 

Okay, so we paraphrased Elle Woods just a little, but she’s not wrong!  Yes, you see it in every article about managing your stress, but exercise really does bring stress back down to a manageable threshold. 

 Don’t know where to start?  We love running appsCouch to 5K starts you off with intervals – you’ll be running like a pro in no time.  We also love Nike Run Club  they’ve paired with Headspace to put together some really great stress-busting mindfulness runs. 

BRI Tip: After pounding the pavement, don’t forget to stretch it out!  We recommend investing in a foam roller for your achy muscles –this foot roller feels great as you rack up the miles. 

Stress is no joke… or is it?

All that time you spent watching Friends and Seinfeld re-runs may be justifiable after all… As long as you laughed for part of it. Laughing is a sure-fire way to reduce stress and has both short-term and long-term positive effects! The experts say so.

Trying to cut down on screen time? Avoid the glow of digital devices but still get a giggle in by listening to a comedy podcast, reading the funnies, or enjoying a classic comic. (Any other Calvin and Hobbes fans out there?)

BRI Tip: Next time you’re sitting down for your favorite show, put on a pair of prescription glasses with a blue light filter for style and comfort. That’s a win-win.

Speaking of comfort…

We’ll put the kettle on

We hope you’re rea-tea to relax.  Our terrible puns probably aren’t helping, but to borrow a term from our friends across the pond, a nice cuppa might.  (That means tea, not coffee, just to be clear).

Tea has many wonderful qualities, including boosting your metabolism and promoting sleep.  It can also be a companion for managing stress.

Some of the top (and most common) recommendations include black tea, green tea, mint, or chamomile. For more info on how tea can help with managing stress, check out these 25 teas to relieve stress and anxiety from Healthline.

BRI Tip: If you’re not big into drinking tea, try applying it topically! Elements of tea can often be found in other health agents, including lip balm and SPF. When you’re protected from the sun, it’s one less thing to stress about! An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure.

Those are our favorites! We’d love to hear yours and any new remedies you’ve discovered for managing stress! Share your best ideas in the comments.