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Improving your Open Enrollment readiness level


What is your Open Enrollment readiness? For optimists out there, this suggests employers are just over the hump and will be soon finalizing their plans for open enrollment. However, it also means employers have 45% of the work remaining.

Open Enrollment Readiness -- Discover the enrollment channels and channel approaches that employers report using this open enrollment season.

If you are like most employers, you still have a number of preparations to make prior to open enrollment. Here are a few considerations as you improve your Open Enrollment readiness.

Three communication channels are dominating open enrollment this year.

1st Place: Over 81% of employers plan to use email in their open enrollment plans.

2nd Place: 63% plan to use web pages and portals.

3rd Place: 52% will utilize video conferencing platforms.

Printed materials maintains a strong foot-hold

While many employers are shifting from paper to electronic communication approaches, nearly one-third of employers still intend to use paper or mailed materials this open enrollment season. Mailed pieces, even a postcard can aid in engagement as it helps to create awareness among other household decision makers.

In-person meetings are holding on

With the current health crisis and remote work remaining at all time high levels, it is not surprising that just 13% of employers intend to have an in person element to open enrollment. Only time will tell if this is a lasting trend or if we see in-person meetings return in a post-pandemic state.

A majority of employers plan to use at least 3 or more communication approaches

With three to four generations now in the workforce, it is more important than ever to consider a multi-channel communication approach. A majority (50%) of employers see the value in a multi-channel approach and will use three or more communication channels this open enrollment season.

So, what is your Open Enrollment readiness?

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