The Lost Receipt

Finding the lost receipt

The saga of the lost receipt is one we all know too well. You are a savvy health care user and know that you might be asked to provide a receipt for your FSA or HRA expenses. You have good intentions. You place that medical receipt ‘in a safe place’. But when the time comes and you need that receipt, your ‘safe place’ has become a little “too safe” and more of a mystery. Never fear. You have options.

  1. Check with your Insurance Carrier. Your insurance carrier is generally able to provide you with an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) for any services that have run through your insurance. If you did not receive an EOB automatically by mail, you can also contact the carrier and request to have one sent to you. Generally, you will also have access to an online login at the carrier where you can obtain a copy.
  2. Check with your Provider. Medical providers and pharmacies must maintain detailed documentation. They will maintain a history of your services and prescription purchases. Many clinics and medical facilities provide online access to look-up, review expenses and often pay expenses online.
  3. Use your card at an IIAS merchant to avoid the need for receipts. An IIAS merchant uses an inventory management system to uniquely identify eligible medical expenses. Generally, large retailers and pharmacy chains are registered as an IIAS merchant. Search for an IIAS Merchant near you through the Sigis Store Locator.
  4. Be proactive. If you suspect that you may be asked for a receipt, Benefit Resource encourages you to proactively upload your receipts through the BRiMobile app. This allows you to upload the receipt when you have it in hand. You avoid all requests for documentation and eliminate the risk of losing the receipt.

If any of these options do not work, Participant Services is available to walk you through options to repay the expense or submit substitute claims.