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Leverage Employee Insights

Join Benefit Resource (BRI) for our webinar ‘Leverage Employee Insights for a Strategic Approach to Health Accounts‘ on Tuesday, February 14th at 1:00 PM EDT.

BRI is offering a new Health Account Outlook Series, which will run from February 2023 through April 2023. Through this series, we will tackle various topics affecting health accounts, including generational and behavior trends, consumer attitudes, how legislation and rules impact your strategy, and some of the hidden challenges (and opportunities) of health accounts.


Part 1: Leverage employee insights for a more strategic and data-driven approach to health accounts

  • Generational preferences or personal characteristics? Understand what is driving account use and what we can learn from behaviors and trends.
  • Making the moments matter. How to effectively drive desired behaviors.
  • Five Tips for building out your 2023 benefits strategy