Self-care stocking stuffers

self-care with an FSA or HSA

Relax this winter with some stocking stuffers that also double down on self-care. While you can probably find these items at the grocery store or big box retailers, you can also use tax-free funds to treat yo’ self, Parks and Rec style.

If you’re a side sleeper…

Invest in a pillow specifically designed to cradle your neck and give you more support and comfort while you catch some zzzs.

If you’re looking for unique insights…

There was quite a bit of hype over the summer about 23andMe’s genetic testing kits being recognized as eligible expenses. Even the Wall Street Journal wrote a piece on it. But, there is a caveat.

In order to pay with pre-tax funds, certain conditions must be met. An article from the FSAStore (a site that sells eligible products and works to educate consumers on eligibility) puts it this way:

Getting reimbursed for these tests through your FSA or HSA isn’t easy. These accounts only cover genetic testing when you have a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN), which administrators require to prove that the DNA test is being used for medical reasons. Your doctor or other health care professional will need to write this letter to prove that the test is for the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.

You can read more about the kits and how eligibility is determined in this article.

If you’re fighting acne…

There are a surprising number of clear skin products available online from the FSAStore, most of them under ten dollars. There are also scrubs and other face wash varieties available, like this and this. Keep shopping.

You can also look at light therapy products. Whether your acne crops up because of stress, hormones, age, genetics or another reason, you might find just what you need in light therapy. The least expensive devices are $19; the most expensive device is a $400 system.

Pro Tip for FSAStore self-care shopping: Use this coupon.

You can also check out the FSAStore‘s Insider’s Program for exclusive deals, perks, and offers specially selected for you.

If you’re planning for a family…

There is a lot that goes into family planning. Regardless of whether you need something for him or for her, there are kits and tests to help you track almost every step of the process.

If you just welcomed a little one…

Take a look at one of the Mom-Baby packs from the FSAStore. Whether you need a monitor, a pump, or baby care products like thermometers and sunscreen, your FSA dollars can be put toward these items in a care-package for two.

If you have a New Year’s Resolution to hit the gym…

Stock up with a Pain Relief Bundle, to fight off the initial wave of soreness that will inevitably hit the following day. You can do it! Keep going back, and keep using your hot-and-cold packs to massage those muscles.

If you’re staying in for the night…

Kill two birds with one stone when you buy a relaxation mask… that’s scented. That’s right.

These sleep masks go a step further and come in three different fragrances: lavender, lavender and rose, and lavender and mint. The top rated one is the Lavender and Mint, with 4.4 stars out of 5 from the FSA Store.

If you’re going out for the night…

Don’t forget your lip balm. Regardless of your plans for the night, it’s never fun (or attractive) to have dry, cracked lips. While the FSAStore offers classic options, there are also scented choices and tinted selections. Practice self-care! Take a look at what might work for you.

You might also want to consider a primer like one of these options.

If all you want for Christmas is free shipping and handling…

You’re in luck. All the costs associated with shipping and handling for FSA eligible items are also considered eligible and can be paid through your account. So happy holidays and happy stocking stuffing!