Trying to stay healthy during the holidays?

stay healthy during the holidays

“I will stay healthy during the holidays.” This simple phrase can feel like a personal mission for many of us. Your pre-tax benefits might provide a little help along the way. Allow us to explain and share the multiple ways your pre-tax funds may come in handy.

This holiday season, here are four things to avoid to make sure you stay healthy during the holidays.

Avoid a kiss from Great-Aunt Wilma.

While your pre-tax accounts won’t prevent the sharing of germs  at holiday events, they are on your side when it comes to the flu. Start with a little prevention. Vaccines, including the flu shot, are eligible under a pre-tax account.

If prevention doesn’t work and you find yourself calling or visiting your doctor, you are covered. Plus, any prescribed medications are eligible from pre-tax accounts as well.

Stay away from the Sugar Plum Fairy.

If you get a craving for another piece of blueberry pie at the family gathering, you may want to reconsider. Why?

Tooth whitening is not covered by pre-tax accounts.

However, if you don’t mind your teeth being a littler bluer, dig in. Your pre-tax accounts will cover any cavities that might appear.

Stay off thin ice (and ice in general).

I had a friend last year who slipped on an icy patch of the sidewalk. He says he remembers hearing a snap and then not being able to stand up. He was administered two separate shots of Lidocaine and now has several screws holding his ankle together.

I’m not sure if he has an FSA. But if he did, he would have been able to use it to pay for many of the medical expenses that his insurance didn’t cover. The FSA also would have covered post-op expenses.

From crutches to physical therapy for recovery, when you need them, your pre-tax accounts are there.

Stay away from too much stress.

Joining with family is a bright time of year for many, but the preparation can include an element of stress. If you’re on your feet all day, or managing schedules for the visiting families in town, it can add up.

Thankfully, your bill doesn’t need to add up. A visit to the chiropractor is a covered expense that will get you back on track after a fun (but busy) season.

Stay healthy during the holidays…

and beyond. If you follow our advice, we hope it’ll keep you feeling merry and bright long past the end of the holidays.