Beniversal Commute provides unique advantages over other transit and parking programs. See just a few of the reasons Beniversal Commute is the premiere choice for commuter benefit programs.

Feature Beniversal Commute Competitor Programs
Voucher Program Pass Fulfillment Cash Reimbursement Typical Card Programs
Allow employers to take advantage of tax-free commuter benefits X X X X X
Minimal time commitment to administer X X X
No monthly orders to take X  X  X
No administration for unused passes X  X  X
Simplified administration X
Reloadable debit card for accessing funds X X
Option to combine commuter benefits and health accounts on a single card X
Widespread acceptance and payment flexibility X X
One commuter benefit solution for multiple locations and metro areas X X
No loss of unused fares / No pre-purchase requirements X X
Flexibility with purchase decisions and timing X X X
Flat monthly administration fees X
No transaction fees X
Accomodate workplace parking and mass transit from a single card X
Regional support to assist with enrollment meetings and questions X
Mobile access to account balances and claims submission X