Can my employer change my insurance carrier?

Only if they change insurance carriers. If they terminate with one carrier and replace it with another, you will be offered the opportunity of completing the forms for the new carrier.

How do I elect COBRA?

Once you receive your COBRA Specific Rights Notice, you have 60 days from the postmark to elect COBRA coverage. When we receive your election form, we will send you a coupon book covering the next 12 months of premiums and any insurance forms (if required). You must return all forms and premiums covering the period […]

What if I am disabled?

If it is determined by the Social Security Administration (SSA) that you were disabled within the first 60 days of COBRA coverage 29th month for yourself and covered dependents. The premium for the disabled Qualified Beneficiary can be increased to 150%.

Is my Domestic Partner covered?

In most cases, if your Domestic Partner was covered prior to the Qualifying Event, they will be provided COBRA-like benefits, although the IRS does not deem them to be Qualified Beneficiaries. Therefore, they can only participate as long as they are covered by the former employee.