Should I elect COBRA or enroll in the Exchange?

There are many factors to consider when determining if you should enroll in COBRA or go to the Exchange for your state (or the Federal Exchange if one is not offered in your state). Some considerations: Are you eligible for the Exchange? Will your doctors be included in the networks offered? Will your out-of-pocket expenses […]

When are premiums due?

Your first premium is due 45 days from your COBRA election. Subsequent premiums are due the 1st of each month but must be postmarked no later than the 30th. The insurance carrier has the right to suspend your coverage between the 1st and 30th, reinstating benefits when premiums are received.

Can my employer change my insurance carrier?

Only if they change insurance carriers. If they terminate with one carrier and replace it with another, you will be offered the opportunity of completing the forms for the new carrier.

How do I elect COBRA?

Once you receive your COBRA Specific Rights Notice, you have 60 days from the postmark to elect COBRA coverage. When we receive your election form, we will send you a coupon book covering the next 12 months of premiums and any insurance forms (if required). You must return all forms and premiums covering the period […]

Why is the envelope postmark important?

All of the notice dates, response dates, and payment dates are based upon the postmark on the envelope, not when it is placed for mail pickup or when it is received.

Is my Domestic Partner covered?

In most cases, if your Domestic Partner was covered prior to the Qualifying Event, they will be provided COBRA-like benefits, although the IRS does not deem them to be Qualified Beneficiaries. Therefore, they can only participate as long as they are covered by the former employee.

How long can I continue coverage?

As an employee, the coverage for yourself and covered dependents can be continued for 18 months for termination or reduction of hours. Covered dependents can continue coverage for 36 months as a result of divorce or legal separation, cessation of dependent status, employee entitlement of Medicare or employee death.

What is a Qualifying Event?

Common events include: termination of employment, reduction of hours, divorce or legal separation, cessation of dependent status, employee death, failure to return from FMLA or certain employer bankruptcy.

What is COBRA?

COBRA (or the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) requires continuation coverage to be offered to covered employees, their spouses, former spouses and dependent children when group health coverage would otherwise be lost due to certain Qualifying Events.