How will I receive reimbursement of eligible services?

After receiving and reviewing your claim, Benefit Resource will issue a reimbursement for your eligible expenses. There are three options for receiving your reimbursement: If you elect Direct Deposit reimbursement, funds will be deposited directly into your bank account and a Direct Deposit advice will be sent notifying you this has been done. If you […]

What expenses are eligible for reimbursement under my HRA?

You can use your HRA for the reimbursement of certain eligible medical expenses not covered or reimbursed by any other source, whether provided to you or your dependent(s). Your Plan Highlights specify the types of expenses that are eligible for reimbursement from your HRA. Services provided for cosmetic reasons and those that are merely beneficial […]

How can I determine my HRA balance?

Your account balance will be displayed on the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) issued with each reimbursement check/Direct Deposit advice. Account information can be accessed 24/7 when you log into BRiWeb or the BRiMobile app. USE THE QUICKBALANCE FEATURE: Get your balance over the phone in under a minute 24/7 through our automated QuickBalance Line. STEP 1: […]

How do I enroll in the HRA?

On the date you become eligible to participate, you will be automatically enrolled in the HRA. You will continue to participate in the HRA until you become ineligible (e.g. no longer meet the eligibility requirements, terminate employment or retire).

How does reimbursement for orthodontia expenses work?

For a plan that allows reimbursement of orthodontia (e.g. Medical FSA), IRS regulations allow reimbursement based on date of payment, date of service or the payment due date on statements/coupons. IRS regulations allow a Medical Flexible Spending Account (FSA) participant to be reimbursed for pre-paid orthodontia services, up to a participant’s annual election amount, before […]

How do I submit an expense for reimbursement?

Submit Claim Mobile

After a service is provided, you will need to submit a completed claim with supporting documentation to Benefit Resource. You can do this in one of the following ways: The BRIMOBILE app allows mobile device users to submit claims on-the-go. Log into the participant website, under the FSA/HRA Plans tab, select Submit an Online Claim. Complete […]

Is there a minimum claim amount?

There is no minimum claim amount; however, your plan may place a minimum on the reimbursement amount (usually $15). If your eligible claim amount is less than the minimum, it will be held until additional claims are submitted.