This page provides information on your Flexible Benefits and Transit Expense Plan through the State of Minnesota.

You will find links to your plan documents, resources, videos, tools, and more to help you make the most of your pre-tax elections and your experience with BRI.


There will be changes to the eligible carryover amounts going into the 2023 plan year. Now is the time to think about using your pre-tax funds.

  • The DCEA will not have a carryover going into 2023. All funds in your 2022 DCEA must be used for expenses this year or they will be forfeited.
  • The MDEA allowed carryover amount will be $570 going into 2023. Any remaining balance in the MDEA above this amount will not carryover and will be forfeited. A new MDEA election of at least $100 will also be required to qualify for the carryover.

All 2022 expenses must be submitted by the filing deadline of February 28, 2023. Late submissions are not accepted.

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Contact Us

Assistance is available Monday – Friday, 7am – 7pm (Central Time).

  • State of MN Designated Phone Queue: (800) 300-1672 (option 1)
  • Local Line: (612) 877-4321
  • Fax: (877) 918-3622
  • Email:
  • Live chat us by logging into BRIWEB. To register for BRIWEB, you’ll need:
    • Company Code: Minnesota
    • Member ID/Registration ID: Employee ID + last 4 digits of your SSN
    • Access to an email or phone number to complete the registration process

121 Benefits to BRI Transition

Please review the Migration Letter linked in the Documents section below for additional details.

  • December 15 – 31, 2021: Watch for your Beniversal Card by mail if you made a new 2022 MDEA, PKEA and/or BVEA election. If you only have a carryover balance from 2021, watch for your card to arrive in late January.
  • December 30, 2021: Deadline to submit claims to 121 Benefits is at 12pm (Central Time). Claims for 2021 submitted after this date will be processed by BRI.
  • December 31, 2021 – January 10, 2022: During the transition to BRI, no 2021 claims may be submitted or reimbursed, and carryover funds will not yet be accessible. This is considered the black out period.
  • January 1, 2022: 2022 Plan Year election(s) available on the BRI system. 2022 Plan Year Funds accessible on the Beniversal Card and you can begin submitting claims for the 2022 Plan Year to BRI.
  • January 6 – 10, 2022: 2021 Plan Year information transferred to BRI.
  • January 7, 2022: Final reimbursements received from 121 Benefits.
  • January 10, 2022: 2021 Plan Year moved to BRI. 2021 claims may now be submitted to BRI. Migration Complete.
  • January 15, 2022: 2021 balances rolled to 2022 Plan Year. Carryover funds may now be applied to either 2021 or 2022 plan year expenses. Rollover complete.

The following documents provide information about the transition to Benefit Resource (BRI) of your 2021 plan year pre-tax accounts.

  • Q3 Quarterly Insert: This insert was included with your 2021 3rd Quarter Statement and introduces BRI and provides some basic details on what to expect during the transition.
  • Migration Letter: A physical copy of this was mailed out late November to employees enrolled in the 2021 pre-tax plans.
  • 121 to BRI Transition FAQs: This document provides information on how to access your BRI accounts, submit claims, and the Beniversal Card (replaces the 121 Benefits debit card).

2022 Enrollment & Plan Information

2022 MDEA/DCEA Enrollment & Change Form

  • Enrollment: Use if you are a new hire or newly eligible employee who is enrolling in an MDEA and/or DCEA for the first time.
  • Change: Use if you have a qualifying life event or are reinstating your MDEA/DCEA upon returning to work from a leave.

2022 Transit Enrollment & Change Form

  • Enrollment: Use if you are a new hire or newly eligible employee who is enrolling for the first time. If you are paying for your parking and/or bus pass expenses directly through your agency, do not use this form to enroll.
  • Change: Use for mid-year enrollment or changes, or to reinstate your PKEA and/or BVEA upon returning to work from a leave.

2022 Change Form to Limited MDEA or HRA

  • Use if you and/or your spouse will be contributing to an HSA for the upcoming plan year and need to change your general-purpose MDEA to a Limited Purpose account.

Universal Reimbursement Form
Use to request reimbursement from your MDEA/DCEA, HRA, PKEA or BVEA State plans.

Dependent Care Receipt
This form should be used when a receipt or statement is unavailable from the dependent care provider. Submit this form for DCEA reimbursement, along with a completed reimbursement form.

Certification of Medical Necessity
Submit this form once per year to receive reimbursement for dual-purpose items from your MDEA or HRA.

Mileage Expense Certification
Submit this form, along with a completed reimbursement form, to get reimbursed for transportation expenses for essential medical care (18 cents/mile for 2022; Rate subject to IRS changes), parking, and tolls from your MDEA or HRA.

Direct Deposit Authorization
Use to set up your reimbursements as direct deposit. (NOTE: Get your reimbursements faster by setting up through BRIWEB!)

PHI Authorization/Revocation
Use to authorize or revoke the use or disclosure of your Protected Health Information (PHI) to a person or entity.

Minnesota State HRA Information

2021 Enrollment & Plan Information