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2022 Participant Satisfaction Survey Results & What’s to Come

2022 Participant Satisfaction Survey

The results of BRI’s 2022 Participant Satisfaction Survey are in! As always, the service we provide is our top priority.

Continue reading to see the results and what we’ll be doing to enhance the participant experience in 2023.

Summary of Results

Use the arrows to view the results of BRI’s 2022 Participant Satisfaction Survey. Continue reading to see a text summary and download the full summary of results. 

BRI’s 2022 Participant Satisfaction Survey was conducted from July 19th to August 12th. Nearly 8,500 employees across the United States shared their thoughts and feedback. Of those that completed the survey:

  • 46% were enrolled in a Flexible Spending Account
  • 15% were enrolled in a Health Savings Account
  • 11% were enrolled in a Health Reimbursement Account
  • 15% were enrolled in a Commuter Benefit Plan
  • 3% were enrolled in a Specialty/Lifestyle Reimbursement Account

Key Statistics

🌟 BRI has an average Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 55, which is in the 90th percentile. 

🌟 The percentage of participants that ranked BRI communications as effective and useful is as follows:

    • BRIALERTS (opt-in email and text alerts): 95.1%
    • Account-based notices: 94.8%
    • Legislative & technology-related updates: 91.0%
    • BRI Pulse Newsletter: 88.6%

🌟 When in need of assistance, 64% prefer to communicate by phone, 21% by email, and 15% by live chat. 

🌟 Features of BRIWEB and BRIMOBILE were rated as follows:

    • Account Management: 89.0% BRIWEB, 85.2% BRIMOBILE
    • Information & Resources: 92.5% BRIWEB, 85.7% BRIMOBILE
    • Easy to Use & Navigate: 90.0% BRIWEB, 89.7% BRIMOBILE

🌟 90.2% of respondents classify Participant Services as friendly and professional and 84.5% classify them as knowledgeable and informative. 

Download Results

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Notable Comments

Here are some of our favorite comments left behind. 

“Rep was very informative and helpful; she even provided important input on things I didn't even think to ask about. Was very impressed.”

“Calling the BRI assistance team is never frustrating or inconclusive (when was the last time you got to say that?!)”

“I've never had an interaction with BRI that I didn’t feel was great.”

“When I have reached out for assistance in the past, representatives were knowledgeable, courteous, and perhaps most important they were real. They weren't simply reciting from a script.”

Current and Future Improvements

We thoroughly reviewed each and every comment provided in this survey to identify areas of improvement. Here are some things you can expect. 

Recent Improvements

Improvements listed here are currently in progress or have already been completed.

  • Launch of new phone systems with improved “hold your spot in line” feature and other internal improvements to better route calls and reduce call wait time. 
  • Streamlined internal processes regarding claims, reducing the amount of time for claims processing.
  • Hiring of additional Participant Services staff.
  • Improved Resource Center with additional educational resources and better filtering/navigation. 
  • New pages on designed to educate Participants about their plans, including a Plan Limits Page, Eligible Expenses Page, and enhancements to existing participant-facing pages. 
  • Streamlined BRIWEB registration process (coming soon!)

Future Improvements

These items were identified through this survey as areas of improvement. Keep a close eye on your email next year for updates! 

  • Continued enhancements to educational resources and pages on, including improvements to existing resources/pages and the creation of new resources/pages to better aid participants in understanding how to use and manage their accounts. 
  • More changes to our communication systems and other technology to enhance the participant experience. 
  • Content changes to existing operational-based communications to provide additional instruction/resources and reduce confusion.
  • Self-service enhancements across multiple mediums.