2022 Client Satisfaction Survey Results & What’s to Come

2022 Client Satisfaction Survey

The results of BRI’s 2022 Client Satisfaction Survey are in! As always, the service we provide is our top priority.

Continue reading to see the results and what we’ll be doing to enhance your experience in 2023.

Summary of Results

Use the arrows to view the results of BRI’s 2022 Client Satisfaction Survey. Continue reading to see a text summary and download the full summary of results. 

BRI’s 2022 Client Satisfaction Survey was conducted September 15th-30th. Over 250 employers across the United States shared their thoughts and feedback.

Of those that completed the survey, 77% offered pre-tax benefits, 22% offered benefits continuation, and 1% offered a specialty/lifestyle account. Individual plan breakdowns can be seen in the second image.

Key Statistics

🌟 Net Promoter Score: BRI achieved a 69 NPS, which is considered between “Excellent” and “World Class”. 

🌟 88.3% would recommend BRI to another employer.

🌟 4.1/5 average overall satisfaction rate. 

🌟 93.7% of respondents are satisfied with BRIWEB.

🌟 91.6% are satisfied with BRI Staff. 

Download Results

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Notable Comments

Here are some of our favorite comments left behind. 

"Great tech platform, excellent client service, [and] effective marketing tidbits that help employees understand the offerings better.

“No matter what the question is or how many times we asked it previously, [our rep] answers it with expertise and her email and phone communications are very professional so we can clearly understand.”

"Everything is handled for me behind the scenes and there is no worry."

"Extremely effective, informative and timely communication."

“[Our rep] gives us as many options as she can, and will always try to make sure we have the information and administrative knowledge that we need to make these benefits work.”

Current and Future Improvements

We thoroughly reviewed each and every comment provided in this survey to identify areas of improvement. Here are some things you can expect. 

Recent Improvements

Improvements listed here are currently in progress or have already been completed.

Future Improvements

These items were identified through this survey as areas of improvement. Keep a close eye on your email next year for updates! 

  • Internal process restructuring to improve response time and quality.
  • Technology enhancements for an easier plan management experience.
  • Further improvements to the COBRA/Direct Bill Renewal Process.
  • Additional enhancements to the Communication Calendar Page and other pages on
  • New resources to aid in employer and employee self-service.