6 ways to improve your commute

commuting expenses

Whether you navigate through bustling city streets, brave the crowded public transportation systems, or tackle long distances behind the wheel, we understand the frustrations and monotony that can accompany your daily journey. But fret not! Our mission is to help you reclaim this valuable time and transform it into a stress-free experience.

The Beniversal® or eTRAC® Prepaid Mastercard® is easy to use for commuting expenses. Use these six tips for an improved commuter experience.

Fund Your Account One Month Early

Accounts are generally set up to pre-fund your commute for the coming month, not the current month. To avoid not having the funds you need, set up your funds the month before you need them.

Swipe Your Card at the Time of Purchase

The Beniversa/eTRAC Card can be used at point-of-sale to pay for eligible mass transit and parking expenses. Simply swipe the card and you are on your way to savings.

Use Your Card for Online Commuting Purchases

Your card can be used to pay for online commuting fares or parking purchases. When asked for a form of payment, enter the Benviersal/eTRAC Card number and other requested information.

Set Up Autopay or Recurring Payments

If you have a recurring pass or reloadable card program, register your card as your preferred payment method. When funds are needed or it is time to receive your new pass, they will automatically be pulled from the card.

Do a Split Transaction (if possible)

We’ll start by saying that not all vendors allow/accept split transactions. However, some ticket windows or online systems allow them. This can be useful in cases when you find yourself with commuting expenses that cost more than what you have in your account. When this happens, you should see if you can do a split transaction.

Pay for the first part of the purchase with whatever amount is available on your Beniversal/eTRAC Card (however small the amount may be). Then pay for the rest of the purchase with a separate form of payment. Only the part you pay with your Beniversal/eTRAC card will be tax-free, but at least you’ll have your commute covered.

As an alternative to split transactions… If you don’t have enough on your card for a full month pass/ticket, you can buy a smaller pass (a one-day or 10-day pass). That will tide you over until your account balance for the next month hits your account. At that point, you will be able to buy your full pass.

Choose the Beniversal Experience

The Beniversal /eTRAC Card puts you in control of your transit and parking purchases, all while providing a streamlined experience. Ask your employer about commuting options where you work.

Remember, your commute doesn’t have to be just a means to an end; it can be an essential part of your day that sets the tone for success and well-being.