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The ABC’s of Commuter Benefits

ABCs of Commuter Benefits

As the school year comes to a close for many across the country, it might be time for all of us to review what we have learned and consider the ABC’s of Commuter Benefits.

After-tax purchases cost you on average 30-40% more than pre-tax purchases.

Before tax elections allow you to set aside funds on a pre-tax basis for commuting expenses. Let’s be serious.

Commuting can be expensive.

Driving can be hassle (or not even a viable option). But,

Everyone wins when you have commuter benefits.

Friends and family are even happier. You have a

Great opportunity to keep more money in your pocket. Plus, taking mass transit

Helps out the environment. 

In one year, you can save over $1000*

Just by doing something you

Know is easy and makes sense.


My dad says at the car dealership,





Rates when there is a

Sale to be had.

Taxes are everywhere. BUT

Under commuter benefits, you can keep a little bit more for your own

Vision. Possibly a

Winter vacation,

Xylophone or that

Yellow coat you have been wanting. Or perhaps, just some time away to catch a few


Now that you know your ABC’s to Commuter Benefits, maybe next time you will join me with a discounted ride.

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* Savings based on a monthly election of $255 at a tax rate of 35% for annual savings of $1,071.