Announcing a new & simplified BRIWEB registration process

BRIWEB registration

December 14, 2022 – As a result of participant feedback and our efforts toward continuous improvement, we have revised the BRIWEB registration process for participants to make it easier for them to get on the web and manage their benefits.

What’s changed?

  1. Modification of the values required for identity verification. In order to verify their identity, participants must enter their company code, first and last name, date of birth, and home zip code. They no longer need to enter their Member ID unless our systems are unable to confirm their identity based on what they enter. 
  2. Better visibility into and accessibility to registration help resources. Our “How to Register” video, BRIWEB FAQs page, and other video tutorials are now readily available during the registration process instead of just on the Login page.
  3. Real-time feedback when creating Username/Password. Red/yellow/green icons guide the participant through the username and password generation process. 
  4. Elimination of text message or email confirmation requirement to complete registration. This step, which resulted in some participants not proceeding through the full registration process, has been removed. 

See the New Process Below