BRI and Our CEO Selected for the BenefitsPRO Luminaries Class of 2023

Luminaries 2023

At Benefit Resource (BRI), we believe in putting people first, and it is with great pride and excitement that we share the news of our recent achievements in the second annual BenefitsPRO Luminaries Awards. BRI has been honored with not one, but two Luminaries awards, one in the Education and Communications category for our company and the other in the Leadership category for our esteemed CEO, Jason Hall. These recognitions are a testament to our unwavering commitment to transforming and humanizing the benefits industry.

The BenefitsPRO Luminaries program is a distinguished professional recognition platform that celebrates top benefits professionals and organizations that are dedicated to revolutionizing the benefits landscape. It seeks to shine a light on those who set a shining example within the industry while making a significant impact through their work. A panel of industry experts carefully selects honorees based on several criteria, including the ability to articulate and achieve goals within the nomination category, the impact of their work, their dedication to modernization and humanization in the insurance business, and their commitment to the highest ethical standards, service, and excellence.

For BRI, these awards represent a culmination of our relentless pursuit of excellence and our deep-seated commitment to enhancing the lives of employees and employers through innovative benefits solutions. Jason Hall, our CEO, expressed his gratitude by saying, “This is truly an honor for everyone at BRI. We put people first in every aspect of what we do, from supporting our own team members to ensuring our product serves employees and employers in the best possible ways.”

These words capture the essence of BRI’s core values – a commitment to people, be they our own team members, our clients, or the employees we serve. It’s a recognition of the tireless efforts of our dedicated team, who work diligently to provide the best possible benefits solutions, and the support of our clients who trust us to help them navigate the complex world of benefits.

I am very humbled and honored to be recognized by BenefitsPRO. I pride myself on being the best leader I can for my colleagues and for our clients. I am inspired to grow my leadership skills further and to encourage my team members to do the same.”

Jason Hall, Benefit Resource CEO & 2023 Luminaries Honoree

Jason Hall, our esteemed leader, was also recognized in the Leadership category. He remarked, “I am very humbled and honored to be recognized by BenefitsPRO. I pride myself on being the best leader I can for my colleagues and for our clients. I am inspired to grow my leadership skills further and to encourage my team members to do the same.” This acknowledgment reflects Jason’s unwavering commitment to setting an example for his colleagues and clients, nurturing a culture of growth and excellence within BRI.

In recent years, the benefits industry has undergone significant transformation, facing numerous challenges along the way. BRI, true to its spirit of adaptability and innovation, has successfully pivoted to meet the evolving needs of employees and employers. With a heightened focus on work-life balance, increased competition for talent, and the proliferation of dispersed workforces, BRI has diversified its offerings to include more robust personalized benefits and pre-tax benefits like Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), and commuter benefits.

Our commitment to addressing these challenges head-on has been instrumental in our continued success. By recognizing the importance of work-life balance, we’ve created benefits packages that resonate with today’s workforce, catering to their unique needs and aspirations. Furthermore, our expanded offerings in pre-tax benefits empower employees and employers to make informed financial decisions while ensuring compliance with tax regulations.

Paul Wilson, the Editor-in-Chief of BenefitsPRO, highlighted the significance of this year’s honorees, saying, “This year’s honorees exemplify how leading benefits professionals are moving their industries toward a brighter future and producing meaningful results in the areas that matter most to employers, employees, and the future of the benefits and healthcare landscape.”

Wilson’s words underscore the profound impact that BRI and its CEO, Jason Hall, have had on the benefits industry. We are deeply honored to be recognized as thought leaders and innovators dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of employees, employers, and the broader benefits landscape.

As we celebrate these prestigious awards, we remain committed to our mission of transforming and humanizing the benefits business. We hope our dedication to education, communication, transformation, and leadership sets an inspiring standard for the entire industry.

Looking ahead, we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. We are eager to continue making a positive impact on the benefits landscape and are inspired by the recognition we’ve received. Benefit Resource (BRI) will continue to lead the way, evolving with the industry, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible to ensure that employees and employers alike can thrive. As we continue to innovate and push for positive change, we remain steadfast in our commitment to putting people first, ensuring a better tomorrow for all.