Credit Card Security: 5 Quick Tips

Best practices to keep credit card information safe

These five tips will help to keep your credit card information safe.

Keep your account number private
  • Avoid sharing your credit card account number details with untrusted parties
  • Do not give your account number to unverified representatives over the phone
  • Don’t share your account number on insecure websites (look for https – the “s” stands for “secured”)
  • Never email or mail your credit card number
  • Do not post photos of your credit card on social media
Check before swiping

Be cautious of where you swipe your credit card. Attackers will place skimming mechanisms on ATMs and point of sale systems.

Monitor your transactions

Keep close track of your credit cards, regularly review statements for unknown purchases/cash advances, and contact your issuer if you see any such unusual transactions.

Shred your documents

Securely destroy or shred your documents which contain sensitive credit card information. It is best to mask out the credit card number of any card statements prior to destruction.

Report lost cards and suspected fraud right away

If you lose your credit card or suspect fraudulent activity, contact your bank or credit card issuer right away. Your credit card issuer can block your card and account number so no one else can use them, then give you a new card and account number.

Keeping your credit card information safe

Built in with your Beniversal Prepaid Mastercard® from Benefit Resource are free ID theft services from Mastercard.

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