Do I need to offer COBRA?

Plan to offer COBRA? Use these five questions

The saying “Ignorance is bliss” is probably not the best approach to determining if you need to offer COBRA. In fact, you could find yourself in a pile of fines, penalties and other financial exposure if you blatantly ignore your COBRA obligations.

So we are simplifying the conversation. When it comes time to determine if you need to offer COBRA, be prepared to answer five questions. It takes just 90-seconds.

Five Questions to Determine if you need to offer COBRA

  1. Are you offering a group health plan?
  2. Do you employ at least 20 employees?
  3. Is the plan sponsored by the federal government, a church or certain church-related entities?
  4. Is the employee currently enrolled in any group health plan?
  5. Was the individual affected by any qualifying events?

All of these questions and more are answered in the brief 90-second video above.

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