New Year’s Resolutions from our CEO

2020 New Year's resolutions from Jason Hall

jhall_headshot resolutions benefit resource Director of Corporate Development

See what Jason Hall, our CEO, has to say about his goals and resolutions for 2020…

Personal: One of my personal goals for 2020 is to have at least one memorable experience each month with my family that is just the five of us and devoid of the distractions of screen time. Some could be extravagant, such as a trip to Disney World, and others could be as simple as a day hike with a picnic lunch.  I plan to catalog these and create a photographic scrapbook to share with them during the holidays.

Corporate: I am incredibly proud of where the organization landed at the end of 2019. One of my goals for 2020 is to accelerate our growth while sustaining our legacy of service and innovation. I’m excited for the year ahead.

What are YOUR resolutions for 2020? Is one to know more about what’s happening in the industry?

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