Knock, Knock. Who’s there?

Knock-knock! Who's there?

Today is Halloween.  An annual tradition of costumes, face paint, spooky stories, and the inevitable sugar crash.  However, we want to honor a different tradition this year.  One so ubiquitous it’s deeply entrenched in the all too familiar “Dad jokes”, kindergarten classes, and has been a cornerstone in slap-stick humor for over a century.  Today we’d like to celebrate National Knock, Knock Day! (Of course, knock knock jokes are good any day of the year).

We don’t want to keep you from that sugar crash so without further ado, here are the corniest knock, knock jokes we could find (with a BRI twist, of course!):

In honor of re-enrollment season:

Knock, Knock.
Who’s there?
Needle who?
Needle little help understanding all these plans?

There are many reasons to enroll in a tax advantaged account, but which one is the right fit?  FSA or HSA, Limited or General, Mass Transit or Parking.  Maybe a combination of them?  Check out our newest resource: our “Why do I need….” series.  These one-page, easily digestible overviews of each type of account aim to help employees understand the nuances of each plan.  Perfect for employees who may know what their expenses are but not which account(s) will be the best fit for them.

In honor of fun:

Knock, Knock.
Who’s there?
Razor who?
Razor hands if you’d like a chance to win an Amazon Show or $50 BRilliant Card!

Back by popular demand, our BRight Ideas contest is going on now!  Just answer a few questions about pre-tax benefits to become eligible for one of several prizes.  This contest runs through the end of the year and winners are picked weekly.  This year, we are also offering custom tracking so you can receive specific results based on your eligible employees.

Contact us at to request one!

In honor of cold weather:

Knock, Knock.
Who’s there?
Etch who?
Bless you!

If you’re feeling the sniffles or that turkey got the better of you now that winter is coming up (or already here for some of us), there are many items eligible under a Medical FSA, HRA, or HSA that can help get you through the next few months:

As always, double check with your Plan documentation to make sure it’s eligible under your specific plan or needs a note of Medical Necessity.

And finally –

Knock, Knock.
Who’s there?
Stopwatch who?
Stopwatch you’re doing and go enroll in your benefits!

*mic drop* 🙂