There are no stupid pre-tax questions

Miscellaneous pre-tax questions from employees (and their answers)

“Why is the sky blue?”

“Where do babies come from?”

“How do I update my account information?”

There is no such thing as a stupid question, from meteorology to biology to pre-taxology. Because let’s face it- you don’t know what you don’t know.

Thankfully, Benefit Resource is there to answer your employees’ miscellaneous pre-tax questions. (You’re on your own for the other two.)

Miscellaneous pre-tax questions

We know pre-tax benefits can be challenging for participants to sort through. (Especially if they are first-time enrollees). We imagine you field quite a few miscellaneous pre-tax questions from employees yourself, like “How do I update my account information?”

While you can direct participants to find answers on our FAQs page or recommend they visit the Plans & Services section of our website, some questions might still remain.

In fact, because we know that participants will always have questions (and they should always feel comfortable asking questions), we make sure our Participant Services team has answers. From general questions like “What’s the status of my card?” to “How do I get reimbursed?” and everything in between. No matter what the question is, you know your employees can find answers.

Where can my employees find answers?

In addition to the FAQs page and website links, many solutions are available through the BRiWeb participant portal.

For example, Contact Information (including demographic* information), Card Status, and Direct Deposit, are all sub-sections housed within the Profile tab. Once logged in to their BRiWeb account, employees can easily find the Profile tab under their name on the left side bar.

pre-tax questions

Updating information, checking their card status and linking a bank account for direct deposit all become streamlined processes.

Getting in touch

Again, participants will always have questions. And we understand that sometimes, it takes a combination approach to find the right answer. As crazy as it sounds, sometimes a Google search isn’t enough. Besides, even once a participant has an answer, understanding the answer can be another step.

We encourage ongoing learning. So, in those instances when participants need some clarification, there are more than a few ways to reach us.

First, employees can contact us via phone at (800) 473-9595, Monday through Friday, 8am to 8pm (EST). Additionally, they can send us an email at Last but not least, they can use the live chat feature in BRiWeb, also available Monday through Friday, 8am to 8pm (EST).

We look forward to hearing from your employees!

Depending on how your company has configured employees’ accounts with Benefit Resource, employees may have limited ability to update their demographic information. In such instances, employees must follow the protocol laid out by your company for updating their demographic information.

For Spanish speaking employees: Para asistencia en Español, puede comunicarse al (800) 473-9595, lunes – viernes, 8am – 8pm (hora del Este) o via correo electronico a