5 Most Read Blogs of 2018

See the most read blogs of 2018

They’re here. The five most read blogs of 2018. You (and our web analytics) picked them. We just compiled them.

How Do HRAs Work?

Time for an HRA check-up? 5 Facts you may not realize about an HRA

Health Reimbursement Accounts can be a bit of a mystery. This post sought to uncover their nuances by answering three questions: What is an HRA? How do HRAs work? What are the pros and cons of an HRA?

What is substantiation and why is it required?

what is substantiation

Substantiation can be a hot button topic among participants. This piece shed light on what substantiation is, why it’s required, and common situations that lead to substantiation.

Avoid Receipt Requests

Never get another receipt request again.

Number three on the list of most read blogs of 2018, this post complemented the substantiation piece and dug a little deeper on how participants can avoid receipt requests.

Wait, what do you mean these aren’t eligible under my FSA?

When an expense is not eligible

Did someone say dark chocolate? This blog explored a wish-list of items we want to be eligible under an FSA.

Honorable Mentions

Walk Throughs for Submitting Claims, Submitting Receipts, and Checking Your Balance

Before we reveal the fifth and last blog, we wanted to recognize a few non-blog posts that were audience favorites.

While not technically blogs, these “how-to” pieces gave readers a quick and simple way to track their money and make sure it was going to the right place.

Submitting Claims

Submitting Receipts

Check Your Balance

Finally, the fifth most read blog of 2018…

6 Reasons COBRA Coverage Ends Early

Why does COBRA coverage end early?

We know COBRA is not a simple topic. This piece covered how to avoid being caught off guard if and when COBRA coverage ends early.

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