One Plan to Rule Them All: How HSAs Work for Different Incomes

How HSAs Work

JRR Tolkien said it best, “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

Ever asked yourself, have I planned ahead enough? Whether it’s prepping meals for the next week or setting your sights on goals that are years away, planning ahead can be overwhelming. We’re sharing how HSAs work for different income levels and helping you plan ahead with the one plan to rule them all! While it may not be as powerful as the ‘One Ring’ in Lord of the Rings, it is just as important.

Health Saving Accounts (HSAs) help you play a more informed and active role in controlling your family’s health care costs. HSAs are one tool in the ever-expanding toolbox of health care plans. Rather than a “use it or lose it” approach like a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), HSAs serve as a “stow it and grow it” form of savings that accumulate over time. 

How HSAs Work

First and foremost, HSAs are for everyone! Regardless of where you fall on the income spectrum, these accounts can provide a unique triple tax benefit. An HSA is a tax-free investment account that saves proceeds exclusively for medical expenses. Your funds live in an investment account that grows your money tax-free, then you can spend those monies on eligible health care costs without paying tax on it.

How HSA’s Work: Triple Tax Breakdown

How HSAs Work
How HSAs Work
How HSAs Work




Growth of Funds


Eligible Expenses

Who Benefits Most From Having an HSA? 

The short answer: almost everyone. HSAs aren’t only for those with high salaries; plus, you don’t need a high income to benefit from an HSA. So whether you’re the wealthiest hobbit in the Shire or just starting to save, an HSA provides many benefits. Even if you’re not able to contribute the maximum amount allowed, there is value in putting anything away, and a little saving adds up. Conscientious saving is especially helpful for younger people; getting into the habit of taking advantage of an HSA is an excellent way to form good financial habits. You decide when and how to spend or save the money in your HSA. The money is yours forever. It doesn’t expire, and you can take it with you if you change jobs, move to Mordor, or switch to another high-deductible health plan. Additionally, with an HSA, you can change your contribution amount at any time during the year. You’re not “locked in” to the amount you selected during your open enrollment period.

Who Benefits Least From Having an HSA?

Not all those who wander are lost. Those who earn less can still benefit from having an HSA, but you’ll need to set a goal of saving at least the amount of the deductible in the account. A best practice is to fund the account every year, and hopefully more. Remember, if you don’t use it, it builds up.

Over the years, high-deductible plans have changed a lot, and it pays to run the numbers before deciding on a plan.

Consider the following factors when looking into an HSA:

  1. The cost of premiums
  2. Compare plans, whether the employer is contributing anything to the HSA
  3. The price of any regular and expected healthcare costs (not including preventative care, annual wellness visits, or pre-planned sword fights).

What’s Next?

Just because you aren’t in a position to max out your 401(k) plan, or your mountain of gold doesn’t hold a candle to Smaug’s, doesn’t mean you should ignore the advantages of an HSA. These accounts have changed over the years and now have excellent investment options. In addition, the features available have improved as well, making an HSA easily attainable and simplified for all. 

The HSA Store provides a convenient way to use HSA dollars on healthcare products. HSA Store outlines HSA-eligible products, so there is no confusion about what’s reimbursable.

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Compare your health plan options to determine if an HSA is right for you.


Well, we have answers. Our comprehensive FAQ Section will help you better understand the benefits of an HSA.

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