Putting the “Fun” in FSA Funds

5 Fun Ways to Spend Your FSA Funds

5 Ways to Spend Your Funds Before the End of the Year

Congratulations on making it to the home stretch of 2020!  Starting the new year with lost Flexible Spending Account (FSA) funds probably doesn’t sound like your idea of a good time. So, here’s a list of five fun ways to spend down your FSA and start 2021 off on the right foot! 

New Year, New Frames!

Is your future so bright you need to wear sunglasses? Well, if you get a pair of prescription shades, you can use your FSA funds to pay for them! Stick with a classic aviator, or get a little funky with your style. Can’t decide? Get a few pairs! We like to think sunglasses are like shoes – you can never have too many pairs. 

High Tech Thermometers

So maybe thermometers aren’t exactly synonymous with “new” and “exciting,” but thermometers have gotten a seriously fun facelift since the 1990s. Touchless infrared forehead thermometers are the hot new pandemic accessory for businesses’ entrance protocols across the country.  

Why not grab your own trendy gadget and stay safe, scanning yourself and the rest of your household? This thermometer even syncs with your smartphone! 

Start with Serenity

We’re guessing it’s been a while since you had last had a decent spa day, and your neck and back are starting to feel the effects of your new home office (the space formerly known as the dining room) and non-ergonomic kitchen chair you’ve been using as you work from home. Ergonomic chairs and trips to your massage therapist may be FSA-eligible expenses with appropriate documentation. However, if you’re not keen on hopping back up on the massage table just yet, grab an acupressure mat to help ease some of your tension! 

Prepare for Adventure!

2020 was the year of staying put, but we’re hopeful that 2021 will see everyone taking full advantage of their PTO. After so long in one place, prepare for your travels by land, sea, and air with nausea relief bracelets 

Until you can use them for countering motion sickness on the cruise you’re booking in the Galapagos Islands, they can neutralize nausea you might get from spinning around Google Earth too quickly searching for travel inspiration.

Setting Yourself Up for Success

Author Christina Scalise said, “Organization isn’t about perfection; it’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money, and improving your overall quality of life.” Regardless of what kind of changes you’re looking to make in the new year, set yourself up for success now, and get organized, starting with your daily pills and vitamins! 

Tired of boring pill organizers? Check this organizer out – it has removable daily compartments to slip into your pocket or purse, so you never miss your daily dose while you’re on that adventure you’re planning! 

So how are you going to get creative with your remaining funds this year? 

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