Secrets revealed: 4 Questions Answered About Benefit Resource

Secrets about BRI as one of the leading pre-tax benefits administrators

Among benefits administrators, Benefit Resource can sometimes have a flair for the dramatic. We have been known to use a few too many acronyms or even create our own words. But, no need to worry. Our secrets are out in… Four Questions Answered About Benefit Resource.

What is COD?

We have a tendency to overdo things. When it comes to customer support, it can be a good thing. When it comes to acronyms, we might have a problem. However, with FSAs, HRAs, HSAs, CBP and COBRA as our product suite, you could say we are in the acronym business. If you have ever been on a call with Benefit Resource, you might have heard “COD” thrown out. Phrases such as: “We will have your COD rep follow up with you,” or “COD will take good care of you,” are pretty common.

Honestly, we don’t mean to use a secret language. But, it is a disease. We recognize we might need to consider attending an AA meeting (Acronyms Anonymous, of course!)

Rest easy. We are not talking about a fish, “Certificate of Deposit” or even the “Call of Duty” game. In fact, COD is likely one of the very reasons you trust Benefit Resource for your administrative needs.

COD stands for “Client Operations Department.” Many benefits administrators have moved to a team approach or ticketing system for client support. However, Benefit Resource continues to assign a client operations specialist to every client. Client specialists provide day-to-day support for your plans. The name and contact information of your assigned specialist is prominently displayed on the main dashboard of the BRiWeb Employer login.

What is Beniversal®?

Beniversal started as an idea that individuals should have universal access to their pre-tax benefits. Whether you are trying to catch a train or pick up your prescriptions, you should have a simple, no hassle experience. This concept becomes a reality through the Beniversal® Prepaid Mastercard®. Participants can conveniently access all of their pre-tax benefits through a single card. The card utilizes merchant, terminal and card payment rules to create a simple, convenient payment experience.

What does it mean when Benefit Resource says it owns its own technology?

Benefits administrators will often use a third-party system to manage claims and card technology. This can create some limitations for the administrator. They must rely on the third party for enhancements and customization. Benefit Resource doesn’t use these third-party systems. We operate our own proprietary technology for both our card and administrative software. This allows us to have more flexibility in our solutions. We can react to changing needs of our clients.

Let’s look at a simple example of how this comes into play. A card is swiped today for a transportation expense. It comes from a recognized transit merchant, but they are using an unrecognized terminal ID. The transaction is declined. Our card services team receives a notification of the transaction and proceeds to validate the merchant and terminal. Once validated, it is added as an accepted location in near real-time. The next day, the participant swipes their card at the merchant and the transaction is approved.

Through a third party system, merchant updates typically occur on a monthly or quarterly basis. In the meantime, participants are left without access to their transportation benefits. This is not the case when you are working with Benefit Resource.

The BRI Vision is different from other benefits administrators

Why Rochester, New York?

Benefit Resource actually has three offices. Our main office is located in Rochester, NY. We like to think of Rochester as the “Gateway to the Midwest”.

Rochester has a rich history of technical innovation and benefits expertise. You then combine this with the work ethic and friendly personalities that you often find in the Midwest. What you get is one of the most knowledgeable, hardworking teams you can find anywhere. Even in the dead of winter, we cross the snow-laden terrain to sit in our office chairs, awaiting your emails and calls. What is snow that comes in one to two feet increments compared to dedicated benefits administrators?

We also have an office in New York City, NY, as well as local sales and account management representatives for New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Chicago and San Francisco. We believe a local presence allows us to directly support the regional needs that may arise for clients. We understand the unique concerns and solutions that affect these regions.

All good intentions…

As you can see, as one of the leading benefits administrators, we have a reason for our secret languages. The reason we do the things we do is you. Our intentions are centered around our belief in service and innovation and bringing you BRilliant solutions. (Did we forget to mention that? BRilliant is another one of our secrets. But you will have to ask your Account Representative about that one).

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, what other secrets do you want to know about BRI?