Stay Healthy While Commuting to Work

Staying Healthy while Commuting

The pandemic has been difficult for many of us, but with cases decreasing, you might find yourself preparing to head back into the office. You may also wonder what precautions you can take to stay healthy while commuting and working in an office. We have an easy-to-follow guide to help you commute safely and stay healthy.

Wash your hands after touching surfaces, handles, or money on public transport.Don’t go on public transport if you feel ill or have developed a cough or fever.
Cough or sneeze into a tissue or a bent elbow. Dispose of the tissue in a closed bin, and make sure you wash your hands afterward.Don’t cover your sneeze with the palm of your hand.
Discard single-use masks immediately after use if you choose to wear them, and then wash your hands.Don’t throw used tissues on the floor. Instead, please put them in the bin when one is available.
Think of ways to avoid non-essential travel and contact with others. Avoid crowded, rush-hour buses, trains, or taxis if you can.Don’t stigmatize or discriminate against people on public transport who display symptoms of illness, like coughing or sneezing.
If you can walk to work, think about doing this more often.Don’t touch your eyes, nose, or mouth or eat food on public transport.

Use Digital Wallets for Contactless Payments

For ease of use while commuting, enable your card for contactless payments through Google Pay®, Apple Pay®, and Samsung Pay® digital wallets. Once you have set up your card through the digital wallet, you can pay for single-ride passes at eligible commuting locations, all from your phone! 

*Contact your local transportation vendors to ensure they accept contactless payments.

Stay Healthy at the Office

When you arrive at your office, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer immediately. Avoid touching your face, and clean surfaces you frequently touch, such as your desk, phone, and computer keyboard. If possible, open windows to let in the fresh air and maintain a distance of at least six feet from other people. Taking these precautions will help to keep you healthy while commuting and working during the pandemic.

If You Do Get Sick

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