The Key to Keeping Benefits Competitive

Keeping benefits competitive

BRI’s Becky Seefeldt and other industry leaders shared their thoughts on the strategy behind keeping benefits competitive with SHRM.

In the hypercompetitive market of talent today, there has never been more attention paid towards keeping benefits competitive. Companies should consider offering good perks and rewards as well as opportunities for advancement within the organization. Employers need a strategy for ensuring their employee benefit programs remain competitive in today’s market. If not, they may find themselves left behind as other companies attract top talent with better offerings.

This is a dynamic process, so it is important to stay on top of trends and best practices among organizations of similar size and circumstances.

Becky Seefeldt, BRI Vice President of Strategy shared with SHRM

Using employee resource groups is an excellent way to gain insight into what employees need. By asking them about their thoughts and opinions, employers can better tailor future programs or offerings so that they meet all needs within the organization!