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Top 9 HSA Questions From Employers and Employees

HSA Questions

Health savings accounts (HSAs) are quickly becoming a popular benefit among employers and employees alike, as they offer an easy way to save money on healthcare expenses. But the complex structure of HSA’s can leave employers and employees questioning exactly how HSAs work. BRI’s VP of Strategy, Becky Seefeldt, has taken the time to answer some of employers’ and employees’ most commonly asked HSA questions. Whether you’re just beginning to research HSAs, considering offering them at your organization, or you already have an HSA plan but still have questions, learning more about how they work is essential for making informed decisions regarding health savings benefits. In this article, published by HR Morning, we’ll show you what investing in an HSA could mean for you—and help equip you with answers that will make navigating your health options easier than ever before!

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