Top Ten Weirdest Eligible Expenses

weirdest eligible expenses

Acupuncture. Dog food. Motion sickness wristbands. What do these three items have in common? They’re all eligible medical expenses under your health accounts. We looked far and wide to identify the Top Ten Weirdest Eligible Expenses. And the results are…

1. Acupuncture

First, treat yourself to an acupuncture appointment and let them stick it to you. You can relax even more knowing the expense is 100% qualified.

2. Artificial teeth

So you don’t floss twice a day? Let’s be honest… Who does? Enter artificial teeth. You’ll be covered (or filled, as the case may be) with health account dollars. Just remember the treatment must be for medical reasons rather than cosmetic.

3. Compression hosiery, sleeves and socks

Next, take the pressure off around purchasing these items with your health account funds. Compression items must have a compression rating of 30-40 mmHg or above. See more details here.

4. Dog food (and other goodies)

If your pooch takes care of you as a guide dog*, this is your opportunity to return the favor. From the expenses involved with “buying, training, and maintaining a guide dog” to “any costs incurred in maintaining the animal’s health and vitality”, you can reimburse these expenses for your 4-footed friend.

5. Fluoridation services

You can also be an over-achiever by pairing your fluoride treatments with the dental sealants in #2—as long as it’s what the doctor ordered.

6. Lasik

Hindsight isn’t the only thing that’s 20-20! When Lasik is done “primarily to promote the correct function of the eye,” it is a qualified expense. If you’re trying to gain X-Men like superpowers, you’ll have to pay for your newfound mutant abilities out of pocket.

7. Motion sickness wristbands

Next, bring on the bumps in the road (trip). It’s a nauseous-free future for both you and the car’s upholstery.

8. Lip balm

If the product is part of a sun care line (e.g. Banana Boat) and has an SPF of 15 or higher, it’s a covered eligible expense. Your pocket book is protected (just like your lips).

9. Babies

Well, not babies. But many items related to family planning, except diapers, are qualified expenses. From the early days of being a twinkle in the eye (ovulation monitor), to the realization that the twinkle could be something more (pregnancy test), to the delivery of the bundle of joy (midwife) and the feeding of the baby (lactation consultant and breast pumps), your health account will provide the money to help you provide for your child- now and in the future.

10. S&H for medical items

Finally, who needs Amazon Prime? “Shipping and handling fees incurred to obtain an item that constitutes medical care (e.g. drugs or medicine) are inextricably linked to the cost of the medical care and therefore qualify.” We couldn’t have said it better.

The above list is intended for general informational purposes only. In many cases, you must meet certain requirements and/or obtain a letter of medical necessity to qualify for reimbursement of these items. Always verify the requirements prior to submitting a claim. BRI participants may verify eligibility of an item through the Eligible Expense Look-up table once logged in through BRIWEB

*The guide dog must be used “to assist a visually impaired or hearing-disabled person, or a person with other physical disabilities.”