What happens to CBP funds at the end of the year?

Commuter Benefit Plans are a monthly benefit and unused balances will automatically roll from month to month. There is no “use-it-or-lose-it” with a CBP at the end of the year. Additionally, there is no requirement to re-enroll each year. Elections will automatically roll until you request a change. If you are submitting a claim for […]

When can I change my CBP elections?

Commuter Benefit Plans are a monthly benefit. You can make separate mass transit and parking elections (if permitted by your employer). CBP election changes can generally be made once per month. Please confirm with your employer or review your CBP Plan Specifications for additional details and monthly cut-off dates. Any unused funds will automatically roll […]

Can I stop contributing to a CBP Account?

You can elect to stop contributing to your CBP Account (that is, to make a $0 election). If you are still eligible to participate, your account balance will continue to be available for use until funds are exhausted or your account is closed.

Who is responsible for determining eligibility of expenses?

Eligibility of expenses is dictated by the IRS and those guidelines are used by Benefit Resource. The services of an attorney are utilized if an additional opinion is needed or research is required to clarify the eligibility of an expense.

Are highway tolls, commuting mileage, taxicab fares and fuel eligible?

No. Only qualified workplace mass transit and parking expenses are eligible. Costs to maintain or use your personal vehicle are not included. In order to qualify as an eligible mass transit expense, a commuter highway vehicle must seat at least 6 adults and be primarily used for transporting employees between home and work. Vanpools are […]

Once an election is made, can I change it?

Certain situations can arise which allow you to change an election. These situations include: Change in residence or worksite Change in work schedule Change in monthly workplace commuting expenses

What is a Commuter Benefit Plan (CBP)?

A CBP allows an employee to set aside payroll deductions taken on a tax-free basis in separate CBP Accounts to pay for qualified workplace mass transit and parking expenses. Participants will save on federal taxes, state taxes (in most states) and FICA.