How Does the Beniversal FSA Work?

The Beniversal FSA provides convenient and seamless access to your Flexible Spending Account by combining the Beniversal Prepaid MasterCard®, online and mobile account access and personalized service options. The Beniversal Card The Beniversal Prepaid Mastercard provides you with real-time access to your account funds to pay for eligible health care expenses. Benefit Resource uses information from the […]

What happens if my employment terminates before the end of the plan year?

Your Medical FSA will terminate as of the date your employment terminates. Eligible medical services provided prior to your date of termination will still be eligible for reimbursement, but services provided after the date of termination will not be eligible unless you are eligible for and elect to continue coverage under COBRA. See additional information […]

What dollar amount is available in my FSA?

The amount available for a Medical FSA = the total amount you elected for the current plan year minus any prior payments and reimbursements. The amount available for a Dependent Care FSA = the total payroll deductions posted to your Account for the current plan year minus any prior payments and reimbursements.

What is the advantage of enrolling in an FSA?

Enrolling in an FSA allows you to make tax-free salary contributions to pay for eligible medical and dependent care expenses that are not covered or reimbursed by any other source. FSAs increase your take-home pay by reducing taxable income, making these out-of-pocket expenses more affordable!