What supporting documentation do I need to submit with my completed claim when requesting reimbursement from my HRA?

Acceptable supporting documentation for medical claims must include the following information: Name of provider Date of service/date product was purchased Type of service/product (drug name required for prescription claims) Your out-of-pocket expense for the service/product (amount not covered or reimbursed elsewhere) Name of participant or dependent for whom the service/product was provided For services covered […]

How does reimbursement for orthodontia expenses work?

For a plan that allows reimbursement of orthodontia (e.g. Medical FSA), IRS regulations allow reimbursement based on date of payment, date of service or the payment due date on statements/coupons. IRS regulations allow a Medical Flexible Spending Account (FSA) participant to be reimbursed for pre-paid orthodontia services, up to a participant’s annual election amount, before […]

How do I submit an expense for reimbursement?

Submit Claim Mobile

After a service is provided, you will need to submit a completed claim with supporting documentation to Benefit Resource. You can do this in one of the following ways: The BRIMOBILE app allows mobile device users to submit claims on-the-go. Log into the participant website, under the FSA/HRA Plans tab, select Submit an Online Claim. Complete […]

Is there a minimum claim submission amount?

There is no minimum claim amount, but your Plan may have a minimum reimbursement amount (usually $15). If your eligible claim amount is less than the minimum, it will be held until additional claims are submitted. (During the run-out period after the end of each plan year, reimbursements will be issued even if they are […]